Takayuki Maejima

Takayuki’s most distinctive project is Everyday I draw Barcelona, a work in progress which involves a daily drawing of Barcelona, and which is currently in the process of being published as a book.

He has exhibited his drawings in different parts of the city, such as the Casa Usher bookshop, Nidok coworking, Bar Moreneta and Palo Alto Market. Safia Art Contemporani also organised exhibitions of his work at Hipermerc’art and L’illa d’art.

He has also taken part in different projects, including: Moritz Art-Tee, ‘a t-shirt in search of an author’, Moritz Store; The Six and Four, a drawing festival; How many days have you lived; Gran Dragó, a public event at Calle Riera Baixa.

He has also published the book Pintemos! Alhambra, Editorial Mediterránea, 2015.



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