Tv Boy

TV BOY began to paint in the streets of Milan in 1996. In 2004 he moved to Barcelona and continued his career as a street artist, with his characters, television-head cap-wearing Tvboy.

Thanks to Safia Arte Contemporáneo he made his first solo exhibition appearance in 2008 in Barcelona, a specific installation site known as Melting POP. The walls of the gallery were fleetingly covered in his graffiti and his characters along with the works of art

Ever since then he hasn't stopped attending exhibitions and completeing projects: The Venice Biennale, at PAC in Milan; Modern Icons, the Art Hermitage Gallery, Principality of Monaco and Mandalay Bay Centre, Las Vegas, USA; Urban Art Utopy, Galería Ca d’Oro, Rome; Very Contemporary, 1Opera Gallery, Naples; The Onsider Space by Intenz Diagonal, an exhibition with works of art by the POP ART masters: Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Lichtenstein.

He has carried out campaigns such as Back To School for La Roca Village and collaborations with Nescafé, Fiat, Nike, Smart, Mini, Campari, La Rinascente, Panini, FCB, Jägermeister, Seven, 10elotto, Byblos, Skira.

He has also given design classes at IED Barcelona and at the Instituto Politécnico in Milan. Lately he has exhibited at the Art Wywood Miaimi Contemporary Art Fair, at the Italian Culture Institute in Barcelona, as well as his shows on the streets of Barcelona have been the talk of the town in all media: El Amor se Ciego, Harry Puigdemont, and Santa Ada.


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