Arrels BCN

Arrels BCN was founded as a result of Pepe and Javier’s dream to rediscover their family roots (arrels). Descended cousins of a family that had owned spinning factories for centuries, they decided to set up their own footwear brand and go back to their family roots. Arrels is attitude in the form of a shoe, it is all about walking through life with a spring in your step. Their designs are inspired by the customs and surroundings of where they grew up, the Mediterranean and its incredible countryside, but also by the city of Barcelona, which is where they want to be. They have worked with renowned artists such as: Neil Harbisson, Malika Favre, Ricardo Cavolo, Brosmind, Catalina Estrada, Lagranja Design, Hey studio, Yoshi Sislay and Laura Costafreda, amongst others. They have also designed a capsule collection for Tickets, the restaurant owned by the Adrià chefs and another for Escribà.


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