DesignCode is a product editor, operating in Barcelona since 2007 and headed up by the Japanese creative mastermind Hiroshi Tsunoda. As a designer, his formal yet simplistic style is what sets him apart. His designs boast his trademark geometric shapes that allow the products to remain true to both their functional aspect and the material that they are made from. Hiroshi’s new product designs are inspired by his immediate surroundings, by the small day-to-day problems that one encounters, continuously exploring new avenues, both at the formal and the conceptual level. The brand’s products are renowned for remaining true to themselves, whilst being ingenious and accessible. Hiroshi likes to experiment, testing the possibilities offered by different materials to the limit, being careful to never obscure them, to develop functional products that add personality to any space. Being environmentally friendly is one of the greatest concerns for DesignCode. For this reason, all of its products are manufactured locally, using recycled and eco-friendly materials both in their designs and their packaging. His designs have been exhibited around the world: London, Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Hangzhou and  Moscow, among many others.


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