Roda is the surname of José Antonio; a young creative designer from Cornellà that manages to pay his rent by drawing. Simple shapes and lines, primary colours and a friendly and unassuming nature are the most distinctive features of his work, which is almost entirely based on the art of portrait drawing.
By hand, digitally, using paint, cards, wood.  Roda’s creations always exude fun and enjoyment, elements that are rooted at the heart of both his work process and the end result, regardless of the technique or methods used.

He has showcased his work in Oporto, Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Mallorca and some of his pieces are on sale in several stores inside and outside of Spain. Roda has given classes at the IED in Madrid, as well as several workshops. José Antonio has also displayed his work at fairs such as Room Art Fair (Madrid), Feria Estampa (Madrid), Festivalet (Barcelona), OutRambleta (Valencia) and Artnit Campos (Mallorca).


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