Volto is a new brand of kitchenware founded in 2015 in Barcelona, which specialises in seasoning your food in a genuinely unique way. Volto is based on simple lines and takes a very artisanal approach to its manufacturing processes, using natural materials that can be recycled, such as glass and cork, giving the products a Mediterranean edge and ensuring that they are suitable for food storage. The brand’s most acclaimed design is a table utensil for food condiments. It adopts the two-in-one concept, thanks to the division of the container. Its simple and carefully designed profile give it a stylish and beautiful look, whilst also being highly functional and the right proportions for good stability. Of particular note is its diagonally cut cap, which with just a simple twist is ready for use.

Volto is a brand made from basic materials that are very cleverly combined and that targets consumers with a keen eye for functional designs and products that have been produced locally. 



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