Nuskito Art Space

Planetary rebalancing and interaction are two constants in the work of Jordi Gispert Pi that you can see first-hand at artistic installation Nuskito Art Space in La Roca Village. But this unusual space hosts much more than just art: discover live music, workshops, conversations and many more surprises too.

Live music

This summer, the soundtrack of La Roca Village takes us to different settings and countries.

From the multicultural influences of Brazilian music to tunes with high-energy beats by way of sweet versions of the latest pop hits or the soul of the saxophone.

Be surprised by the live music in the Village this summer and let the notes carry you away.


Treat yourself to a massage at the hands of the experts at Orogold, the company which uses pure gold as a base for its cosmetic products. Throughout history the famous and fortunate have trusted in the power of this precious metal in their beauty treatments. The “nano-gold” particles penetrate the skin to leave it hydrated, healthy, radiant and youthful.

Enjoy an exfoliating scrub massage. You are in the best hands!

When and where? Consult the La Roca Village Summer Fest programme.

What did you miss in July?

If you are one of those who didn't come, you still have the whole month of August to enjoy La Roca Village Summer Fest.

Flower-Arranging Workshop with Bornay

Among the names of the most prestigious floral artists in the world is that of Bornay. Joan, Fàtima and Marta are responsible for floral works that stand out for their innovation and creativity. This trio definitely has a special gift for combining all types of plants and flowers in unique ways.

Enjoy a free flower-arranging workshop led by Bornay at La Roca Village.

When? Tuesday, 17 July 2018, from 12 noon to 2 p.m.

Where? Nuskito Art Space

Limited places. Join Privilege here and discover how to sign up for the workshop.

In conversation with...

In conversation with… is a series of chats in which experts share their knowledge on fashion and a healthy lifestyle and generate a lively discussion about these concepts with the audience.

Clara Mas

We have two very special guests for our first conversation: journalist Peté Soler and model Clara Mas.

Clara has always been committed to having a healthy relationship with food and will be focusing on this topic in her chat: “How to be a mother, model and woman and lead a healthy lifestyle”. The Catalan top model and anthropologist will enlighten us with her tips and suggestions on how to achieve this balance alongside fashion and culture journalist Peté Soler.

When? Thursday, 19 July 2018, from 5.30 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Where? Nuskito Art Space

Limited places. Join Privilege here and discover how to book your place.

Ze García

Although Ze García is not yet 30 years old, this hasn’t prevented her designs from being presented on the catwalks at 080 Barcelona Fashion or from being featured by the top influencers of the moment. Her party collections and bridal gowns are fine enough to be worn by Aida Domènech, aka Dulceida, and her wife at their wedding. With a meteoric rise to fame, the Ze García brand offers high quality design with a sophisticated and timeless style.

Come and chat with Ze García, discover her story and career path, soak up her expertise and talk with the designer face to face.

When? Tuesday, 24 July 2018, from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Where? Nuskito Art Space

Limited places. Join Privilege here and discover how to book your place.