Food trucks

This summer you will eat La Roca Village, either at “Mordiscos” (botes), on wheels or whatever you want. We present The Yummie Spot, the new outdoor foodie space of the Village, where you will find everything from Mediterranean cuisine to the most international flavors.

Plus, suitable for all kinds of palates.

Coco Wilson

Coco Wilson serves 100% natural green coconuts or “Nam Hom”, (aromatic water) coming directly from a green coconut plantation located in Thailand. Coconut water from Thailand is recognised as the best in the world for its unique, sweet and floral taste. The composition of the coconuts is 99% free of fats, without cholesterol, or gluten and without added sugars. Coco Wilson’s format can be used in two different ways: as a refresher, in the form of water and coconut meat or serving green coconuts combined with spirits.


El Dandy

Iluzione restaurant is an Italian gastrobar in true Brooklyn Style. At Iluzione, the highest quality products can be enjoyed. A menu from around the world and traditional Italian plates can be found, as well as a wide variety of cocktails. They present their food truck format, allowing them to have a fresh and ephemeral cuisine, and letting them to be present at any event without losing the true nature and originality of the dishes served at the Iluzione restaurant.


M2 Gluten Free

M2 Gluten Free is a new concept by Metric Market Barcelona. After the success of their first gastronomic adventure, they launched a cuisine focused in gluten free plates with a whole variety products to choose from, currently being one of the best rated restaurants specialised in food for celiacs in Catalonia. They plan to land in La Roca Village with a wide range of montaditos, completely gluten free for every taste.


Mojito 1933

Emerged from the idea of making gourmet mojitos quick, Gastronomy Solutions created Mojito 1933. Mojito 1933’s space will offer options with and without spirits, with the goal in mind of seducing the consumer with a richer shopping experience, especially in the case of a virgin mojito. As a side note, David Forer, a global Top 300 connoisseur in wine and beverages, has joined Mojito 1933 to help establish the brand globally.

Las Muns

Las Muns are a new version of the Argentinian empanada, incorporating elements of fusion and international cuisine. Original flavours from Tucumán region where the best empanadas are made with a twist, creating flavours for al tastes: traditional, ethnic, author… The muns empanada has the ideal snack format: easy to eat, seating or on the go, at any time of the day.


Pierre Marcolini

Pierre Marcolini is a chocolate brand established in Brussels in 1995. Traveling to the most hidden corners of the world, they find the finest cocoas to make the most exquisite chocolates in the market. The brand is one of the few in the market to control completely the production from beginning to end, ensuring the highest quality throughout the whole process, from acquisition of raw cocoa beans to the final packaging. Pierre Marcolini not only has positioned itself as one of the most cutting-edge brand of chocolatiers, it also has built a great reputation for making ice creams and desserts carrying out their chocolates.



Pulponeta is an eye-catching 70’s vintage Citroen food truck where the specialty is a cuisine based mainly in the octopus as the main ingredient of all their dishes, exploring different cooking formats, from ceviche to grilled options. In combination of locally sourced ingredients, they always aim to respect and guarantee the highest quality standards.