Behind each of the brands visiting the Village this summer is a story of craftmanship, sustainability and attention to detail that makes every one of their creations unique.

Brava Fabrics

Brava Fabrics is a brand created in 2015 that designs fashion and accessories for people who care and share values of respect for the environment. The suppliers are located entirely in Spain and Portugal with the full guarantee of offering their employees decent working conditions. In addition, being consistent with its values of closeness and authenticity, Brava Fabrics is firmly committed to fair trade and the use of organic materials. They are creative and non-conformist. That’s why every Brava Fabrics garment is unique, with daring designs that tell something special about who wears them.



Corvus is a fashion brand for men where classic meets modernity. Finding the inspiration in traditional patterns, those which they consider to be timeless, they create contemporary designs elaborated with the best quality fabrics. Their clothes are made in local workshops in Spain and Portugal, where they take care of every detail in the manufacturing process to ensure an optimum result in each of our products.



Neutrale was established in 2018 as a design studio offering essential products for the day to day. Inspired by the unique beauty and timeless design that the Mediterranean offers us. Neutrale works with with quality and durable fabrics developed ethically with the best factories and craftsmen.


Peter is a young man from Barcelona, with tattoos, a beard and a prominent chestnut hair. His story begins when he decides to leave the noisy and incessant city to live in a desert island. Although his story may be true, Peter is actually an invention of the group of creatives and designers that is behind a Catalan brand of underpants. Peter’s Brand is a fashion brand created in Barcelona with the aim of reinventing the concept of “underpants”, choosing the best cotton and filling it with prints, patterns and colour.



Hunters of iconic items of clothing from top brands that deserve a second chance at life and are in perfect condition. The fashion sector is highly saturated and in many cases it is very easy to feel trendy for an affordable price, but by opting for this path we have to be aware that fashion is the second most pollutant and waste-generating industry on the entire planet. At PALVOA we are very conscious of this and we are also aware that fashion trends are like boomerangs: they always come back. So it is much better to use all those items of clothing that got forgotten or left in the back of someone’s wardrobe instead of continuing to perpetuate this system. We carefully select each item and return it to its former glory, making it as good as new and affordable. Be trendy, be responsible. 



Pitagora was created in 2012 as an alternative fashion brand. Its designs are dominated by straight lines, simplicity combined with colours and geometrical forms. “Not only do we like making fashion, we like to transmit values. Handmade local products all manufactured in Barcelona with all the dedication necessary for us never to compromise on quality.” All their products are unisex; at PITAGORA taste overrides gender. “If you like something and you want to wear it because it makes you feel good, no label or classification should dissuade you from putting it on.”



The shearline

The Shearline is a Barcelona-based brand of denim fashion that combines innovative designs with the return to sustainable production, offering high-quality, timeless clothing that is made to last.


TH3 Warriors

Th3 Warriors is synonym of design, quality and attitude. Its modern and innovative spirit makes it a different brand. Stylish yet pleasant designs where elegance is compatible with fun is what the brand aims to transmit. All the processes - conception, design and production-, are carried out in Barcelona, pursuing the highest standards of quality, a singularity that contradicts the current dynamics of the manufacturing and retail sector.


Thinking Mu

A male and female clothing brand based on a positive attitude. The intrinsic Mediterranean spirit of Barcelona has been part of our education ever since birth. Our philosophy is to live life to the utmost. We are passionate about maintaining authenticity, letting our spirit dance to great music, filling our hearts with art and culture, and always sharing these moments surrounded by our friends. We can only exist by respecting life and nature. Our beliefs are communicated with humour, creativity and transparency.