Xisqueta is a wool and ethical fashion brand that works with farmers and  artisans from the Pyrenees. Behind this brand is Xisqueta Obrador, a non-profit organisation from Pallars Sobirà. For the past seven years, they have bought wool at a fair price from farmers who still preserve the Xisqueta bred of sheep, they transform it and directly sell their handcraft products made ​​with the 100% pure virgin wool. The pieces are the result of the joint work of designers and artisan Marine Mercieux and artisans from the Pyrenees, as they transmit the whole essence of wool with a contemporary design. The project won the entrepreneurship category of the Premio Nacional de Artesanía (National Prize of Handcrafts) 2014, granted by the Spanish Government, for their introduction of new concepts and techniques to  the industry. Xisqueta’s products at Barcelona Designers Collective are made by artisans Lina Ratia (Felted soaps), Cristina Riu (Headphones) and Carmen Verges (Bowls).



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