Xavier Zazo and Clara Brull are designers from the cutting edge Catalan womenswear brand zazo&brull. The two designers form a unique tandem with its own way of experimenting with volumes and contrast between toughened and volatile materials. Their collections are characterised as being pioneering creations, made completely in Spanish workshops, with great attention to detail. Thanks to their endless imagination, they are able to create their very own vision of romanticism in every collection, with a hint of darkness. Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Amsterdam, Vienna, Tokyo or Florianopolis in Brazil are some of the stages where their designs have been shown.

At the third edition of the international “El Botón” competition– Mango Fashion Awards-, Zazo&Brull was chosen amongst the 10 finalists as the only Spanish contenders. They have also collaborated with artists such as Alicia Framis in two exhibitions and with the artist Björn Tagemose. 


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