Barcelona Designers' Collective


From 22 June to 16 August 2016, Barcelona Designers' Collective will host the third edition of its pop-up boutique at La Roca Village, offering a selection of products and works produced by more than sixty up-and-coming designers from across all design disciplines.

During this period, La Roca Village will showcase up–and-coming talents keen to stand out in the busy world of fashion.

This time around, the interior design and creative concept of the pop-up has been curated by Sylvain Carlet and Isern Serra, who have created a minimalist concept that plays on two colours: white, symbolising fashion and luxury at La Roca Village and wood, representing creativity and the up-and-coming talents selected by the FAD (Foment de les Arts i del Disseny), the association collaborating with the platform.

More than 60 talents