Since its creation in 1984, boboli has been a restless child, its desire to grow only equalled by its zest for discovery: new experiences, new goals, new horizons. These pages are an invitation to meet the boboli gang and join in with this restless desire to keep growing, keep vestigating, keep discovering the fascinating, surprising, infinite worlds of kids and fashion. Since launching boboli in 1984, we haven’t stopped investigating, exploring new trends, new designs, new markets. We are curious by nature... Just like boboli kids!

Our collections are full of colour, vitality and joy; full of innovation, fun and modernity – a unique style for kids with bags of personality. Own exclusive designs, comfortable, functional and durable that grow with the children through their childhood. Wide collection with variety of fabrics, colours, embroideries, prints… 2 collections per year with 6 lines: New Born, Baby, Kids, Acqua, Soft and Chic.

Discover the color, discover the imagination, discover the adventure, discover the fun... discover the world with boboli!