An exquisite decoration oasis where you can find furniture, objects of decoration, art and a delicate staging. Visiting LUZIO is like traveling to a new aesthetic universe on the path between originality, excellent quality, contemporaneity and exuberance. An oasis of elegance in which get lost and marvel at decorative objects, fashion accessories, furniture extraordinary, pieces of art, floral creations, leather fashion and art collections.

It is no coincidence that the name of the current concept store comes from the word “Revolución” (Revolution in English), a word to which the "z" was added after an exercise of stylism for being a letter with temperament and Italian reminiscences that match with the two souls of the business. María José, entrepreneur and strategist, conciliator and anchor to the ground of her companion adventure. Maxi, Argentinian by birth and inexhaustible creativity. Lover of the new but also of the second life of extraordinary objects or furniture: he presents himself as a sort of design archaeologist. Their tireless search for beauty has led them to travel to cultures around the world, Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, among others, always in order to find pieces exclusive, treasures to surprise you: from unique furniture that has been recovered to give them a second life, and especially a current look, to new objects of design, own furniture or of suppliers of recognized trajectory, gift ítems singular or works of art, among other proposals.

One of the biggest bets of LUZIO has been going beyond their unique pieces of furniture and decoration, to dress their clients with GOES. A brand born in Barcelona in 1965, that has the philosophy to offer the best quality in their leathers, taking care of each detail, beautifiying each person that dresses their clothing. Each piece is designed with an experienced background in design and pattern, and the pieces have an incredible quality. In their designs, you can find an enormous variety of leather, furs such as mink in jackets, coats or collars. This 2018, they have decided to create a line of fake fur to respond to the consumer needs and keep on innovating in their Brand.