5 things we love about summer

Think of summer – think of sun, beaches and vacation, right? Just like everything else in life, we sensationalise the seasons, setting expectations for the warmest months of the year that will likely leave us crying into a pina colada shortly after the solstice. Come on, we all know that a dose of vitamin D doesn’t automatically lead to love, health, and endless possibilities, yet here we are, daydreaming out lives away. This year, we’ve decided to embrace all the simple pleasures that the sun-drenched season brings. Come and join us. ­

1. Keep it simple

Don’t sweat it. The sun might be out but that doesn’t mean you have to turn into an Instagram influencer, make a goji-topped acai bowl or suddenly become the life and soul of the office. You like what you like, even if that is a whipped cream frap and taking #hotdogsorlegs selfies. From the tropical scent of suncream right through to the pleasing crunch of ice in your ashy, burnt-espresso Americano – sometimes it’s the little things that make you the happiest. Ice-cream, flower crowns and sangria all fall into this category too, but who cares? Enjoy.

2. Save time getting dressed

Winter is a hardship. Not only does the weather suck and your suede boots get ruined, but dressing is a total drag. You can’t predict the weather and the effect of all those hot yoga sessions are hidden under thick layers of wool. Your wardrobe swells and it’s hard to choose an outfit as every time you pull out the sweater from the back of the closet, it brings with it a tumble of shoeboxes and coats. Summer on the other hand is effortless—for at least a couple of weeks, you can get by with a single layer. This is as close as we get to men’s jeans-and-T-shirt ease of dressing. Pro tip: invest in a supportive swimsuit and wear it as your base layer.

3. Ditch your beauty routine

Let’s be real — summer is sweaty, and the beauty regime you had through winter doesn’t always translate when the temperature amps up a hundred degrees. You could change your routine to fit, but we like the idea of forgetting it completely. Invest instead in a nourishing moisturiser that’s laced with an SPF. This will protect your skin, but also give it the opportunity to breathe and soak in some of that glorious vitamin D. As for your hair, simply wash it, spritz with salt spray and let it dry. Breezy.

4. Walk everywhere

What’s summer for if it’s not for being outside in the open air? The dream life scenario is that you can walk to work, but if that’s not possible and you most definitely cannot travel sans transit, then at least be outside for some of it. Get off the tube a few stops early or reclaim your lunch break by making a point of stepping outside the four walls of the office. Get creative with your routes too; could you add on 20 minutes to your journey but find yourself in the park or by the beach? Those moments might feel like too much effort right now, but tap into the bliss during a two-hour meeting and you’ll understand the reward.

5. Adopt a (somewhat) liquid diet

It’s goes without saying that hot food and summer don’t exactly go hand-in-hand. The reason for this is two-fold: one, you feel balmy enough without adding a hot stove into the mix, and two, the body craves cooling and soothing between the months of June and September. It might not be scientific, but that’s why anything that comes out of the freezer is a shoo-in for meal time. What’s more, you get more bang for your nutritional buck when eating healthily. Tuck into coconut water ice-pops, watermelon granita, and frozen margaritas, which can all (almost) qualify as guilt-free, hydrating snacks.