All about that braid

The braid is back in a big way – sleek and centre parted, tousled or woven into a crown, we’re all about these easy, breezy styles. Because no one has time for third-day festival hair.

Let’s face it, looking flawless and fuss-free is #goals. Time to embrace that messy braid we say.

The steps:
1. Give yourself a deep side part, separating your hair in two sections. Then separate each section in two again, which will leave you with four sections of hair.
2. Starting with the section on the far left, cross underneath the second section, then over the third section – you get where we’re going with this – as though you were basket weaving your hair. Continue until your hair is completely braided and secure the end with a clear hair tie.
3. Gently tug sections of the braid apart to loosen it up a bit, for that Instagrammable ‘I woke up like this’ look.

Wear it with: A slinky slip dress, layered jewels – nothing clunky though – and ankle boots. Carry your essentials in a tan leather backpack.

The unicorn braid – we didn’t coin the term – is back in a big way. The thick braid has ruled the runways from London to Milan and now you can sport the look while pounding the pavements en route to whatever festival is next on your list.

The steps:
1. Section your hair – clean hair is best – and start braiding.
2. Secure the finished braid with a clear hair tie.
3. Tease the sides – small sections at a time – of your hair with mousse for added volume and you’re good to go!

Wear it with: A lace camisole, ripped denim and an embroidered kimono will match your breezy bohemian tresses. Finish with fringed boots to effortlessly navigate those muddy pools.

Call it the crown, Dutch braid or the halo, either way the braided up-do with a flower crown is a must-have for every seasoned festival goer. And it’s easier than you think.

The steps:
1. Part your hair down the middle.
2. Starting at the nape of your neck on one side, start Dutch braiding your hair by following your hairline.
3. Continue braiding around your head until you reach where you started. Remember a few flyways are just fine.
4. Secure the ends by tucking them under the braid and using a bobby pin to hold them in place.
5. Finally, don’t forget that flower crown.

Wear it with: Channel the style icons of the 70s with a fringed suede vest layered over a camisole and striped palazzo trousers. Lift the look with flatforms.