Culture (and style) at Mordisco

New restaurant in the Village!

Atmósferas Mordisco is much more than the result of an alliance between entrepreneur Rosa María Esteva and the company Value Retail or the decision to elevate the cuisine on offer at La Roca Village. It is a project that recovers the spirit of the first Mordisco, which opened its doors in Barcelona in 1987, and connects to the memory and culture of the city.

The essence of the legendary Barcelona restaurant Mordisco comes to La Roca Village.

Mordisco is the source of the Grupo Tragaluz philosophy and an emblem of an era. It was the place to see and to be seen in what was known as ‘designer Barcelona’. A phenomenon which, fuelled by the regenerative energy of the Olympic designation, completely transformed the city at the end of the 1980s and created a unique, innovative and optimistic culture. Design became the religion of the masses. This reached even the hobs, with modern spaces, a contemporary concept of food, an all-day kitchen and a new, authentic and casual vibe of connecting and sharing around a table, whether alone or in company.

Situated in the central area of the Village and seating 180 diners, Atmósferas Mordisco is the new meeting point. A garden-restaurant with an open terrace, where you can eat under a bamboo awning, surrounded by flowers and vines, and an interior that is reminiscent of the first Mordisco and incorporates elements of the now defunct Hotel Omm. Decorated by Esteva herself, this restaurant, like the menu, speaks of emotions: “A place you want to enter because you’ll feel at home.”

Among the dishes are classics like an open omelette with burrata, ham and rocket or the charcoal-grilled hot beef carpaccio with herbs. Then there are the rice dishes or reinterpretations of Mediterranean cuisine, such as stewed meatballs with cuttlefish, not to mention Asian-inspired delights or take-away options. Recipes which, in Esteva’s words, come from the heart, the most valuable ingredient in this creative cuisine that invites you to savour experiences.