Five summer apps we can’t live without

Whether you’re looking to get SPF savvy or you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, we've rounded up the five must-have apps that will help you manoeuvre your way through those scorching (with any luck) days of summer like a pro. So grab your phone and get to downloading.

For the die-hard coffee lovers – Secret Menu for Starbucks

Tired of the plain and the plain old crazy options – unicorn concoction we see you – itching to move on to something new to quench your never-ending thirst for caffeine? Feel free to swap your usual iced mocha lattes for the unpredictable – Butterbeer Frappuccino anyone? – with a little help from the not-so Secret Menu Starbucks app. The trusty app lets you browse and try the hidden gems you can’t and won’t stop raving about. And if you’re hiding an inner barista, you can even submit your own recipes.

For the ‘do-it-on-a-whim’-ers – Whym

So you’ve committed to a last-minute weekend getaway, but you’re stuck on what to do and what to see when you touchdown, we know the feeling all too well. Whym is the app for the last-minute, spur-of-the-moment, devil-may-care getaways, as it can help you score cheaper tickets for every bike tour or backstage pass your heart desires. Try Whym on a whim, your weekend break may just depend on it. No pressure.

For the fitness newbie – Sworkit

FOMO and fitspiration can get real when the sun is out in full force. But if the thought of sweating it out in the gym makes you cringe, you may want to jump on the bandwagon of at-home fitness apps. Sworkit helps you get stronger, leaner and closer to a set of abs every #fitgirl would be envious of. It's beginner friendly and the best part is it lets you customise your own workout. Oh and did we mention it will cost you nothing? So you can put your hard-earned money towards getting that golden glow in Malta, the Maldives or wherever it is you’ll be jetting off to.

For the sun seeker – UVLens

So many beaches to frequent, but so tired of the red blotchy streaks that go with it? We hear you. Designed to save you from sunburn, UVLens allows you to measure exactly how long you can frolic in the sun without burning, thanks to the UV forecast it provides for wherever you are. It even gives you hourly reminders to reapply and a personalised skin type assessment. A win-win in our books.

For the jet setter – Google Trips

Of all the available travel apps out there, think of Google Trips as your pocket tour guide for wherever you are in the world. You can use it offline – just download the maps and tools – it offers day plans, must-have facts and figures (like how much to tip) and it will even tell you how to navigate from the airport to that off-the-beaten path Airbnb you couldn't say no to. No more frantically searching through your inbox for those confirmation emails, Google Trips has got you covered. All that's left to say is ‘Buon viaggio!'