Gentlemen are always in fashion


You’re the kind of guy who pulls out a chair for your lady, the type that opens the door and always lets her go first... You’re on your way to becoming a textbook gentleman. But are you sure you’re doing it in the right outfit? We’ll help you find it.

The suit has to be your staple. But not at any price. Make sure it fits you like a glove as if it were tailored for you on Savile Row: without wrinkles and without pulling. The shirt that goes with it should only extend a finger-width beyond the jacket and a pocket handkerchief is always a nice touch. 

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Pay attention to every detail, even your socks. Yes, those garments down there that you think nobody will notice. A tiny error can crumble your distinguished appearance. Escape from the black socks you buy in packs of five and take a chance on something a little different. If you don’t want to go too far, stick with a dark colour palette, but try burgundy or dark blue tones. If those don’t catch your fancy, go for something a little more colourful with the mustard or orangey red tones you’ll find at Punto Blanco.

The British fashion houses are, without a doubt, a great ally. Hackett breathes this style in everything from its logo – two umbrellas and a bowler hat – to its impeccable designs.  But the Americans aren’t short on gallantry either; just ask Brooks Brothers, with over 200 years of elegance and tradition. And closer to home, but with a markedly British style, we’ve got Bow-tie, a brand whose high-fashion shoes you can’t help but follow.

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We’ve given you a few tips on how to achieve the look of a genuine 007 charmer or, for the younger guys, of a seductive Chuck Bass; now all you have to do is visit La Roca Village to get that certain je ne sais quoi that will make you into the perfect gentleman: over 130 boutiques of the best national and international fashion houses with discounts of up to 60% off the original price.

And become a gentleman both inside and out!