Sneaker Season

La Roca Village


The frenetic pace of daily life demands a comfortable shoe. Our suggestion? Get a good pair of sneakers -or two-.

Come to La Roca Village and discover the new trends in sneakers with discounts of up to 60% off the original price. Find your style, find YOUR sneakers.

Plus, six renowned illustrators and artists are waiting for you in La Roca Village to customise your sneakers with their designs.

This month of June, let no one stop you...

24/7 sneakers!


MONDAY - Running with ASICS Nimbus

If you’re regretting the excesses of the weekend, on Monday it’s time to compensate for all those little extras. And what better way to start the week than by running? We can’t think of better sneakers for the sport than the ASICS Nimbus, one of the brand’s insignia designs. Plus, the Japanese company has improved them with each edition to achieve the best cushioning and recovery capacity through technology.


TUESDAY - Pumas in the office!

Wearing sneakers to work? Why not? The Puma Vikky Ribbon are just the ticket. Puma also offers a wide range for men, so you guys can find the perfect smart casual look too. Pastels – the star tones of the season – are on show in this exclusive Puma collection. Silk laces, a more rounded outline, a naïve touch and a resilient rubber sole make them the perfect option for the modern working woman.


WEDNESDAY - Nike Free for your training

Two training sessions a week is just the right amount to keep in shape. Sign up for body pump, cross-fit or paddle and you’ll need multi-purpose sneakers that let you run and jump while giving you superlative grip. Our recommendation is a Nike classic: Nike Free. The name Nike Free speaks for itself: freedom of movement in its purest state. The model has evolved into its current version – now available in the store in La Roca Village – adding a new method that adjusts to the shape of your foot and is almost seamless named Flyknit.


THURSDAY - Afterwork sneakers made in the UK

The weekend is in sight and many of us enjoy meeting up with friends after work of a Thursday. After a long day you’ll need comfortable footwear for the final stretch, so you should definitely try a pair of New Balance sneakers. The American firm established as a shoe company when in 1982 they opened a branch in the UK, in Filmby, Cumbria, a region with a long tradition in the footwear trade an the ideal place to begin manufacturing their genuinely British sneakers, the New Balance Made in the UK.


FRIDAY - The comfort of Vans to go shopping

The working week is over and it’s time to give yourselves a treat. How about an evening’s shopping at La Roca Village? Choose comfy shoes – but stylish too of course – because you have over 130 stores to walk around. You’ll be trying on clothes so, to avoid having to tie your shoelaces every time you’re in a changing room, we recommend you wear slip-ons. As soon as we hear that phrase, only one brand pops into our minds: Vans.
*Boutique temporarily closed from 3 to 6 June 2018.



SATURDAY - Salomon to climb mountains

Saturday is here at last and now you can slow down after the hectic pace of your week. The best way to unwind is to escape into nature. So remember there ain’t no mountain high enough, there ain’t no valley low enough to keep Salomon away, especially with one of their best and most versatile models: the Salomon Wings Flyte 2. Cushioning, stability and a comfortable fit so you can fearlessly explore the natural world. No need to worry about the weather or the terrain thanks to their Wet Traction Contragrip system, which gives you security on dry rock, open country and hard, soft or wet ground.


SUNDAY - Brunchtime with Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti is revered for its high-top wedged sneakers. The most stylish Hollywood celebrities have worn sneakers from the brand for years, and it’s gradually gaining loyal fans from all around the world. So, for a Sunday brunch with a touch of glamour, Giuseppe Zanotti should be at the forefront of your mind. Made of leather and featuring their characteristic side zips, the May London model is available in different colours, giving you a fantastic choice of fancy footwear. Life is definitely better with sneakers.