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Who says party season can’t be good for your health?

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Blame it on the fitness foodies you’ve been Insta-stalking. You can even chalk it up to your BFF turned Pilates aficionado. Whichever way you turn, healthy hedonists are setting the bar high and the party season is no different. So, whether you’re the host with the most or being wined and dined, it’s time to do pleasure-seeking the way the wellness crowd do.

Seriously, chill out

You’ve heard it before: health starts from the inside. And there’s no better place to start than to unplug. Literally. Leave your phone on airplane mode and forgo the alarm, because you’re more susceptible to a case of the holiday blues when seriously deprived of the good stuff. So make it your mission, now you don’t have a 7 am wake-up call, to snooze or power nap as much as you like.

Why it will work: Show of hands, who’s ever complained about being too rested?

The e-inspiration: will make you the sleep evangelist you never thought you’d be.

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Swap it out

No one’s telling you to banish cocktails in favour of crudités or to take healthy to new heights. It’s about making smarter swaps so you don’t feel deprived, or deeply resentful of your party guests, for that matter. If you’re partial to puddings, mince pies or the umpteenth eggnog, making a mental note of the menu will give you ample time to come up with alternatives. Time to declare your love for potlucks.

Why it will work: If you do it right you’ll be able to sustain the smallest changes well after the festivities are done and dusted. Meaning no more talk of that dreaded New Year’s cleanse – because it’s so 2000!

The e-inspiration: The Hemsley sisters have mastered the art of eating well – they’ve even named a book after it – so their Instagram account @hemsleyhemsley is never short of inspiration on how to keep temptation at bay. Black bean brownies, anyone?


Stock up on inspiration

Ahh, the joys of holiday-induced anxiety. Here’s why you should say no to the stress: stress produces cortisol, and elevated cortisol levels impact your immune system and can cause weight gain. So in snappish times, tuning into your favourite inspiration station will keep you grounded and grateful, and healthier for it.

Why it will work: Even if the thought of inspiring quotes makes you cringe a little (or a lot), the fact is that keeping your thoughts squeaky clean keeps you happy. And a happy mind equals a healthy body. Are you with us?

The e-inspiration: Poet, artist, activist, multi-hyphenate @cleowade is the queen of all things elevating and inspiring, making her the perfect person to remind you to focus on the good stuff. All we can say is scroll, screenshot, repeat.

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