Kingdom of dragons

La Roca Village

Guardians of history and local tradition, eight dragons stand guard over the new avenue in the Village.

La Roca Village is the true mother of dragons. The new avenue, flanked by eight statues of imposing, Modernist-inspired dragons, is the anteroom to an ambitious remodelling project in the southern area, which incorporates a large plaza open to initiatives related to art and creativity. But, above all, this avenue is a stroll through the history, architecture and secular traditions of Catalonia.

Ever since the legend of Saint George became popular in the Middle Ages, the dragon has formed part of Barcelona’s collective imagination. “It is an emblematic element of the city,” the founder of Lolita & Co. reminds us. She is responsible for the design of these fantastic beings, the hosts of the Village since June.

colores.jpg taller.jpg

The statues were made by Nuria and Marta Castells Comelles, descendants and successors of the brothers Jordi and Josep Castells Planas from Cardedeu, essential figures in Catalan theatre for the past 50 years.  Their dream factory in Santa Agnès de Malanyanes has produced scenery for theatre companies (including Comediants, Dagoll Dagom, La Cubana and La Fura del Baus), television series (like Poblenou) and films (such as The Orphanage and Perfume: The Story of a Murderer). The brothers have also designed sets for circuses and for the provocative Greek (performed in Catalan at the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona).

Each commission is different. To build the original dragon, Nuria and Marta took a week to sculpt the mould. Three people then spent eight days cutting each of the tesserae for the trencadís mosaic and putting them in place before painting the impressive statues with enamel. The result: eight dragons in four chromatic combinations that reflect the Mediterranean colour palette.

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