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Fix up, look sharp

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When it comes to tailoring, one size certainly does not fit all. Luckily, we’re on hand with a myriad of sharp ways you can make the trend work for you this spring. Whether you want a low-key look or something more refined, it’s time to fix up.


It’s easy to get lost in a sea of suits and, let’s face it, nobody wants to turn up to the first wedding of the season in the same suit as at least half of the congregation. That said, it’s often difficult to distinguish one grey three-piece from another; that’s where accessories come into play. If a trilby or exotic clutch is too outré, subtly differentiate with a pair of round-frame sunglasses or switch the classic tie for a bold, printed neckerchief.



The key to looking good is confidence and the key to confidence is feeling comfortable with your look. If tailoring is a season-long affair for you – thanks to endless spring parties and weddings – then you’ll want to retain more than a nod to your former self. This spring there are no rules when it comes to building a tailored look. Forget about the pea coat and instead layer your old faithful biker jacket over the top of your blazer. Not only will you feel good, you’ll be the coolest guy on the social circuit.



Veer too far from simplicity and you run the risk of over-complicating your look; that’s why anchoring your ensemble with one colour is always a good idea. The preference this season is to layer black on black, which is great news given that a black suit is a timeless investment and you probably already own a black jacket or coat to slip over the top. A monochrome colour palette reduces unnecessary noise and also allows you to play with proportions in a subtle way. This is the perfect time to experiment with shorter hemlines or interesting cuts.



Gone are the days of strictly policed black-tie dress codes, formal weddings and stiff work events – today, everything feels a little freer. There will always be a time and a place for smart, refined suiting, but if the men’s shows have taught us anything this season, it’s that tailoring has evolved beyond tradition. Selvedge denim is smart when styled with polished lace-up boots and a tonal shirt; in the right fit, even a checked shirt, jacket or turtleneck can count as occasion wear. Take a risk and rewrite the rule book.


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