Miriam Albero's selection and interview

Blogger, triathlete and all round aficionado of the healthy life.

Let's be honest, it's been ages since I did any sport, and I'd even go so far as to say I don't really look after myself very well. Where do I start?

Start by setting yourself small goals. It's best that they are weekly. Plan to exercise three or four times in the first week and make sure you actually do it.

When is the best time to start getting in shape for the summer?
Now is always the best time to start. Whenever you're ready to do it. Everyone knows themselves and knows their work and family life... It's not about doing sport as some form of sacrifice, it's about incorporating it into your everyday life and making it an essential habit.

And you, how do you take care of yourself?
With fruit. It is our main source of vitamins and antioxidants; fruit nourishes us and gives us energy. I think it's the best food for feeling good.

Aside from sport and maintaining a healthy life, what makes you feel good?
Spending an afternoon with my girlfriends, walking and going shopping with my mum at La Roca Village – we always find something special.

Can you give us a tip for those who like to dress up? How do you combine functionality and fashion in your sportiest outfits?
There's always lots of colour in sportswear, my tip is to know how to combine colours and not go over the top. It's fun, you can combine various things without looking like a mannequin and you can only do that with sports outfits.

What's in this spring/summer season?
Printed leggings and matching tops.

Do you have a favourite place that makes you feel good or for doing sport?
Now that the good weather is nearly here, I’d go for any seafront that the Mediterranean coast has to offer.

What's never missing from your suitcase?
A pair of trainers and sunglasses.

What do you eat for breakfast?
Oats and an apple.

And to round things off, can you give us an easy, quick and really tasty recipe, to make us feel good.
A piece of toast with avocado, chopped tomato, pepper and a few drops of lime juice.

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