Pack like a pro

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that nobody likes packing. Can’t we just be sunning ourselves on the beach already? The list writing, the moving almost identical sandals (yes we can tell the difference) between the ‘definite’ and the ‘maybe’ piles… it’s not quite as glamorous as those enviable travel flat lays make it seem. Then there’s the task of fitting our inevitable new purchases, into our already overflowing bags for the trip home. It’s enough to erode all the good ‘resting-up’ we’ve been doing.

No need to have a breakdown before you’ve even got on the plane – just get wise and follow our guide.


Yep. We told you it wasn’t all pina colada-filled holiday snaps. But jokes aside, being organised is the best way to make sure you don’t overpack. Envisioning what your holiday will entail is sure to help you work out what you need wardrobe-wise. Write up an itinerary for your trip so you know roughly what you’ll be doing on each day – whether it be long beach days or mornings spent brunching around the hottest spots in the city. That way you can pack specific outfits for each day or event, staving off the wild need to add the tenth bikini into the mix.


Once that’s done, check the weather at your destination. No one needs a sunhat in gale-force winds. Apps like PackPoint make this even easier – just answer a few questions about your trip and it creates a custom packing list just for you.


If the weather allows, dresses should be top of your list. Whether it’s a denim shift, a tailored shirt dress or a midi in a colour-pop hue, they can be dressed up and down for any occasion. Plus, it’s a whole outfit in one item of clothing. If that’s not a space-saving miracle we don’t know what is.


Nobody wants to spend 20 minutes fishing around in the depths of their case looking for that one pair of tailored shorts they knew they’d packed somewhere. Queue packing cubes – these babies are about to become your new best friends. Packing cubes help keep similar items together and fit snugly into your case like a 3D puzzle. Not only do they keep things neat and tidy, making the traveller’s task of living out of a case much more bearable but they help maximise on space, which is what we’re going for here.


Compression bags are perfect for bulky clothing like ski jackets or beach towels and for keeping your laundry separate. Compressing your clothing into a zip-lock bag will create huge amounts of extra space and if packed carefully, reduce wrinkles when you get to your destination. Result.