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Journalist, public relations expert and fashion blogger Paula Ordovás is passionate about fashion, however, during the launch of the Barcelona Designers’ Collective pop-up boutique, the blog editor of could not stop admiring daily objects reconstructed into unique designs, thanks to the creativity and ability of the emerging talents BasBussogaCasa AtlânticaQuimana and Don Fisher. You will find all of them in the Barcelona Designers’ Collective at La Roca Village until 16 August 2016.

Paula Ordovás selects:

1. BAS

Paula Ordovás elige: BAS - Barcelona Designers Collective
Essencial N2 flowerpot – it protects the plant from the direct sunlight and retains the light in interior spaces due to its concave shape.
imensions: 20.5 x 28 cm
Price: €85
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Paula Ordovás elige: BUSSOGA - Barcelona Designers Collective
Four ceramic coasters with fish illustrations.
Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 0.8 cm
Price: €24.50

If you like this fish design, you will also love the ceramic board, a tile with adhesive back and whiteboard pen to write notes.
Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 0.8 cm
Price: €18.15

Paula Ordovás elige: BUSSOGA - Barcelona Designers CollectiveFind out more about BUSSOGA >


Paula Ordovás elige: CASA ATLÂNTICA - Barcelona Designers Collective
Clementina bottles, hand-decorated with cable tubing. They are crafted with basket-making techniques and macramé, reinterpreting a hugely popular style of the 1960s. Available in three colour combinations.
Dimensions: 8 cm diameter and 30 cm height
Price: €34 each bottle
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Paula Ordovás elige: DON FISHER VERDÍN - Barcelona Designers Collective

Paula Ordovás elige: DON FISHER GALLINETA - Barcelona Designers Collective

Paula Ordovás elige: DON FISHER Perca - Barcelona Designers CollectivePencil box Verdín, Gallineta and Perca in a fish shape with its thorns inside.
Dimensions: 26 x 6.5 x 1 cm; 26 x 10 x 1 cm; 31 x 13 x 1 cm
Price: €26 each pencil box
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Paula Ordovás elige: QUIMANA - Barcelona Designers CollectiveIce cream-shaped candle, which, when lit, melts as if it were an ice cream.
Dimensions: 17 x 5 cm
Price: €6.25
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