The Thrill of Spring

Discover a fresh shopping experience at La Roca Village this season


Spring means new arrivals in the boutiques, new trends, and this year, a new multisensory experience at La Roca Village.

The Village is bursting into bloom with the arrival of spring thanks to installations created by celebrated florist Nikki Tibbles that reflect local nature and fill the Village with colour and life.

Plants, flowers and trees take over the Village to awaken your senses as you take in their fragrance, delight in their poetry and contemplate their vivid colours. Discover all this and more when you visit La Roca Village and enjoy an unforgettable experience.

O L I V E  T R E E

€135 €81
Light blue printed sweatshirt
€130 €86
Printed shorts man
€410 €290
Floral print orange pink skirt

Said an ancient hermit bending, half in prayer upon his knee, 'oil I need for midnight watching, I desire an olive tree'.

Sabine Baring-Gould