Supercharge your workout

While dynamic workouts are a crucial component of that summer body reboot, the steps you take before, during and after exercise are integral for keeping your lifestyle goals on track. From mood-boosting superfoods to supplement-infused oils, energise your body and balance your mind with our top tips to training harder…


UPON WAKING: For your first glass of the day, try infusing freshly squeezed lemon and a sprinkle of cayenne pepper into your water. The vitamin C, antioxidants and electrolytes in the lemon stimulate the liver’s natural enzymes, helping to oxygenate and detoxify the body. Meanwhile the cayenne pepper helps to regulate blood sugar and kick-start the metabolism by raising body temperature.

MOOD-BOOSTING BREAKFAST: For a revitalising twist on your usual smoothie or protein shake, why not experiment with different natural boosters? Try aloe vera for troublesome digestion, echinacea for its flu-fighting properties or ginseng for natural stress reduction.

THE POWER OF SCENT: If you tend to lose your focus mid workout, pack a small bottle of scented oil into your gym bag and massage onto your skin before you begin. Energising scents such as orange, peppermint and eucalyptus have been shown to improve concentration and hand-eye coordination.


GET CREATIVE: Gone are the days of mindlessly hitting the treadmill – there are now so many ways to train, so get creative and design a bespoke regime tailored to your goals and interests. If you find yoga too relaxing, why not try acroyoga? Fed up of sit-ups? Give the new hula-hooping craze a try. Whatever your interests, be bold and sign up for something new.

WORKOUT IN STYLE: Feeling good whilst you sweat can really elevate your motivation. Many fashion houses have taken a pioneering approach to luxury sportswear, creating dynamic, design-driven pieces with a modern durability. Sensitive to the demands of movement, choose illuminating colours with cutting-edge designs to energise and empower you throughout.

TRAIN HARDER: Whether you’re a pro at Pilates, a running fanatic or prefer to mix it up by the day, making targeted playlists that last for the duration of your workout can really help to boost inspiration. Reflect activity levels with the tempo of the playlist and build the intensity as you move through your session. 


REPLENISH WELL: To rehydrate a little differently, try coconut water or watermelon juice with a splash of lime to replace glycogen and electrolytes lost during your workout. When it comes to post-gym meals, eat dishes tailored to your training goals. If you’re looking for weight loss try 15 to 30 grams of protein with equal parts of carbohydrates. For muscle gain, up your carbs to 30 to 60 grams.

TREAT YOUR MUSCLES: If you pushed a little too hard and are feeling the strain, try adding some raw ginger to your meals, juices and teas. The anti-inflammatory compounds and oils in the plant have been shown to reduce muscle fatigue and soreness effectively. Magnesium is also great for soothing sore and tense muscles before bed – use in the oil form for the best results.

ENERGISE YOUR MIND: Each evening, take time out for yourself to breathe, unwind and feel accomplished with what you have achieved. Visualise yourself moving effortlessly towards your fitness goals and set your intention for tomorrow’s workout.


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