The art of city dressing

Long balmy evenings and effervescent social calendars, balcony brunches and rooftop sips – not to mention your fellow commuters actually cracking a smile for once. Yes, the idea of summer in a buzzing metropolis is bliss. The reality of the rising heat on your #OOTD? You know the score.

It also just so happens that summer is the most photogenic season of them all – and hell hath no fury like your best friend with the latest Snapchat filter. So, if you’re ready to panic-buy a portable hand-held fan, please refrain. Summer in the city doesn’t have to equal a style sacrifice. Here’s how to up your game for everyone’s favourite season…


Thank the fashion gods that pastels are back in. While dark colours absorb heat, light colours reflect it, so it goes without saying that sweltering days call for blush pink, mint green and crisp white. They look breezy and summery too – and nothing shows off a post-Mediterranean tan quite like it. The lighter the fabric, the fresher you’ll feel – much-needed when we’re hopping in and out of Ubers all day long.


Whether you’re showing both shoulders the sunshine or going for a one-out, one-in look, there’s a twist on this trend for everyone. Try combining it with another pivotal piece such as the deconstructed menswear shirt or simply throw a blazer on to skim the shoulders. Just remember to protect your skin with sunscreen or stay in the shade to avoid tricky tan lines.


Tight-fitting clothes are the enemy of busy city dwellers – there’s nothing worse than your shirt sticking to your back as you dash from one meeting to the next. Opt for free-flowing shapes and seamless silhouettes in breathable fabrics like cotton and linen. Everyone needs a dress that can go straight from beach to a cocktail party without the fuss, so keep an eye out for bohemian floor-length pieces.


Come May, there’s a strong need for cooler solutions to the slick work suit. Dress codes relax around the city as the days get brighter – sports coats replace suit jackets, ties are left at home and shirtsleeves rolled up in a cavalier fashion. If you must wear a suit go for lighter colours like grey, blue or this season’s stone. Pair with the ever-popular white shirt for a classic summer look that never goes out of style.