Vadim Galaganov

The stylist Vadim has extensive experience in the fashion world, he has worked as a stylist with several international glossy magazines and has advised some of the most recognizable celebrities, such as Gerard Butler, David Gandy, Lapo Elkan, Adrian Brody among others.

Vadim visited La Roca Village in September 2016.

How do you spice up a basic outfit?
We all have different lifestyle choices which reflect in our clothes. Everyone has his own basic outfit – some of us wear suits, some of us wear jeans as basics. Spicing up a look shouldn’t be too challenging; basic jeans and a t-shirt can be matched with a scarf/jacket for a classic evening look, or a businessman in a suit all day can feel more comfortable in the evening by just removing his tie.

How does one’s personality can be express in his outfit?
In my opinion, it’s important for the person to wear the outfit rather than the other way round. Every item of clothing looks different on any given individual; the person wearing it gives the outfit a personality.

What are the key trends for men this season?
Timeless classics: different types of check fabric, coats with decadent fur collars, three-piece suits. This pieces are important parts of any capsule and significantly vary the number of outfits you can create.

What is the one piece all men should have in their closets this season?
A camel coat. You can keep it casual with jeans and trainers or pop it over a suit for a smarter look.

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