Young talents


Product Design student


Sweets, chocolate, childhood treats, love and comfort are the main inspirations for Sacha’s pastel dog sculptures. They evoke the pleasures of our childhoods, a spring palette and colours that create a feeling of happiness. It’s a sweet combination full of love that delights all visitors to the #LoveTheDogArt exhibition.


Strategic and Creative Communication Management master’s student


This art lover has found an excellent opportunity to express himself through #LoveTheDogArt. His other hobby is enjoying good food.


Fashion Management master’s student


Despite her young age, Jingying Chen has already been involved with a number of disciplines related to design: from architecture to the preparation of exhibitions for fashion firms or communicating with designers for the retail sector. We are sure that this comprehensive background will shine through in her creation for #LoveTheDogArt.


Industrial Designer – Sustainable Product Design master’s student


In her free time, Florencia makes artistic projects so she can express herself without constraints. She says that “it is the moment in which I can fly, I feel free, I let my hands think for me”. That’s why this designer, who is passionate about design, colour and fluidity, has joined the #LoveTheDogArt initiative at La Roca Village.


Fashion Design master’s student


The concept of the Love the Moment project and the shopping experience at La Roca Village were two factors that made this student from Beijing want to take part in this collaboration and he has promised that he will translate them in his work.


Interior Design student


Ece has landed in Barcelona with experience in a wide range of arts, such as drawing, painting, music, photography, theatre, design, fashion, writing and more. This endless amount of creative and multidisciplinary experience is sure to be reflected in this versatile young woman’s work for #LoveTheDogArt.


Sustainable Product Design master’s student


Laura wanted to join the #LoveTheDogArt initiative because of the opportunity that it offered to convey ideas in different ways. After seeing the project brief, Laura was even more sure of her choice: “I thought it was a good opportunity to explore a new and super-fun field in the design area.”


Fashion Design student


Drawing and design are two of this Catalan's hobbies and, specifically, fashion design, which he is currently studying. Jaume is an artist who loves giving the best of himself at every moment and going beyond his limits, wherever possible. So when he saw this initiative, he did not think twice, saying simply: “I'm in!”


Strategic and Creative Communication Management master’s student



Styling and Fashion Communication student


It was not just one reason, but three, that made Andreea want to be part of this project; the first was her love for dogs. Another incentive was knowing that behind this initiative was La Roca Village, a place that she visits often. Last but not least was the chance to share this experience with other young talents, sharing experiences and knowledge.

Floral motifs, cheerful prints and colour will guide her creative process to help her leave her mark on the sculptures.


Fashion Marketing master’s student


Fashion, art and photography are three disciplines and constants that Sylvia uses to express her feelings: "I love creating and externalising my ideas, so that others can see what is in my mind through visual material." The young Mexican did not hesitate to be part of #LoveTheDogArt when she discovered that it was based on Chinese culture and the Year of the Dog, because it would enable her to learn about new cultures. Another motivation for her choice was the concept on which the project is based, Love the Moment, or in other words, enjoy every moment here and now. Sylvia really believes in this way of living.


Graphic Design student


Chloe recently discovered her true passions: functional design, art and especially motion graphics, and she has taken them to the extreme. Both her positivity and her desire to give life to her projects have made her join the La Roca Village project. Besides design, travelling, adventures and new experiences are some of her favourite hobbies.


Graphic Design student


Travelling is one of Igor’s main passions and sources of inspiration: the places he visits, their culture, the people around him… Although he confesses that he is continually looking for inspiration, even in his downtime: in the shower, waiting for the train or at the airport.

His love for graphic design began in New Zealand; he has worked at an advertising agency in Paris and has continued his adventures at IED Barcelona. He is always tested by exploring and expanding his ideas wherever he goes.


Fashion Design student


This future designer of costumes for theatre, film and television defines herself as optimistic, cheerful, delicate, responsible and crazy: characteristics that certainly show in her work! What she has already hinted at is that her design will be a mixture of Mediterranean mosaics and Andy Warhol-inspired elements, along with stamps that will make a unique and unrepeatable print due to their texture, movement and imperfections, representing the human being.


Product Design student


Borders and flowers are the leitmotif of Ekaterina’s work and they have been captured in one of the English bulldogs displayed in La Roca Village for #LoveTheDogArt, an installation that represents a meeting of cultures.

There is plenty to celebrate...

So come to La Roca Village and celebrate the start of spring with us and discover our talent support project for the Chinese Year of the Dog.

La Roca Village supports talent

Year after year La Roca Village supports talent, from young creators to consolidated artists. This time, it is doing so through an artistic installation that is the result of a twinning of cultures.

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