Entrevista con Kicco de Cracking Art Collective

- Tell us about the collection that you will be showcasing at La Roca Village. What does it comprise of?
Will be exhibit some of our artworks that we realized over the years: the swallow, the snail, the frog and the rabbit. We chose them for their direct link to the territory that hosts them, to make them feel at home.

- Where do you draw inspiration from?
Our initial inspiration came from the examination of the relationship between natural and artificial, between past and future, between preservation and innovation. All issues tight to the changing society.

- Can you give us some background on the creative process behind the collection and its 40 artworks?
Each artwork is a vehicle of specifics meanings and messages. They have been realized in specific moments in order to highlight one or various issues: the snail, with its regenerating burr, wants to inspire the improve of a balanced lifestyle; the swallow represent the journey and the match between nature and human; the rabbit is an animal that represent the metaphor of the passage to a metaphysical level and the frog - our frog - is an amphibian that doesn’t like stagnant waters but prefer to shake and get them dynamic and positive.

- The Villages are outdoor settings for shopping. How was this an inspiration? What is special about this campaign?
There is so much affinity between La Roca Village and our artworks: La Roca Village is a place built by man in image and likeness of traditional buildings in order to create a relaxing and carefree environment. We reproduce animals that we place them in urban settings to recreate a contact with nature that we often have missed. Seeing them, we focus and probably evoke memories or positive emotions.

- How you see the relationship between fashion and the different creative disciplines?
Fashion, like art or other creative disciplines are an interpretation of life in all its expressions. Personal interpretations that stylists, artists, designers propose to society. Past boundaries between these different disciplines have disappeared and contaminations have become multidirectional. This is a great improvement for a world that aims to dematerialize the object. A new fashion and a new art will arise.

Invasión de color


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